Paul Gerry (Managing Director/Founder)

Paul initially started out as a bricklayer in the 1980’s and gained considerable experience in residential construction. With considerable construction knowledge behind him and the belief that he was able to offer a better quality of service that mainstream residential developers, he decided to take the plunge and start up his own business with wife Samantha in 2004. Paul has completed all types of residential builds over the past 35 years and is a particular specialist in finding cost effective solutions to all types of housing project whether it be a new build or refurbishment.


Arthur Hooper (Director)

Arthur joined the team in 2020 and has been a central figurehead in all our operations since his arrival. His expertise and level of experience in the construction industry is unmatched in the region having previously been the Managing Director at Cormac, one of the largest civil engineering company’s in the Southwest. With over 40 years experience in the civil engineering, highways and surfacing sector, Arthur is experienced in all types of driveway and carriageway construction, estate road construction, drainage schemes, walls, hedging, farm sheds, sand school construction, all types of fencing and specialist surface treatments.


Simon Deacon (Operations Manager)

Simon has been involved in the construction industry for over 40 years and was previously the Operations Director and Managing Director for Cormac before joining the team. He has experience in managing a multitude of diverse projects including: routine and complex highway construction and maintenance, agricultural facilities construction and property maintenance, landscaping, groundworks and drainage schemes.


Gary Ayling (Contracts Manager)