2 Storey Extension in Liskeard

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This current project is well underway and and our customers are delighted with our progress so far. We won this job due to it being 2 doors away from a recent house refurbishment that this customer was very impressed with.

Current Project in Polruan

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Current Project in Polruan.

We were asked to create a boat store-garage area along with a parking area in the back garden area of this property which entailed a huge excavation process, with retaining walls due to the difference in levels etc.

This project is 85% complete as of 31-5-19

Refurbishment in Liskeard

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A current refurbishment in Liskeard.

This project is entailed stripping the old roof tiles and replacing with slates along with taking the roofs off the study and the garage, conservatory areas and fitting new pitched roofs. The internal works involved creating an open plan kitchen-dining area and a refurbished study, along with a new front access with new floors to the hallway and refurbished downstairs wc. The external works we changed the dashed walls to rendered-painted walls along with landscaping the front garden, increasing the parking bay and laying new resin bound material to the driveway.

Extension in Liskeard

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A recently completed House extension in Liskeard.

This project was a single storey extension to create more space downstairs along with a bedroom refurbishment and a complete overhaul of the downstairs shower room. The customer was delighted with the final outcome.

Summerhouse Concrete Base

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A little project laying a concrete base for a summer house in January 2019 for a customer in Lostwithiel. A couple of days work and all was completed.

Shop Refurbishment – Liskeard

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This project was undertaken in 2018, a shop refurbishment in Liskeard